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April 15, 2014

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”custom” custom_colour=”#e28cb3″]Reminder: Tonight we have barbell club during the 5:30PM hour. CrossFit classes are at 4:45PM and 6:30PM.[/creativ_alertbox]


Back Squat

Work up to a heavy 3 rep back squat.  Remember to track your knees over your feet and keep your torso upright. Each repetition should be as far below parallel as you can go! Don’t short the depth as the load gets heavier.  If you feel your chest falling forward drop some of the weight and make the reps perfect before you increase the load.


For time

10-1  rep rounds of

Push Press 115/75lbs
Front Squat 115/75lbs

Off Ramp WOD

For time

10-1  rep rounds of

Push Press 45/35lbs
Front Squat 45/35lbs

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