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April 16, 2017

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[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”theme” custom_colour=””]Holiday Hours today! CrossFit at 9 and 11 and Olympic Lifting at 10. We will be closing after the 11am class-Gymnastics and the free intro class are canceled. Enjoy your Easter Sunday! [/creativ_alertbox]


5 Rounds of
1 Minute of Rowing for calories
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute of Knees to elbows
1 Minute Rest
1 Minute of Double Unders
1 Minute Rest

Workout notes: Today’s workout will be scored by total reps accumulated on all three movements and all rounds just as you would score “Fight Gone Bad”.  This workout is 30 minutes long including the rest periods so even though it’s an interval style workout we’re looking for nearly sustainable output at each station. This format is a great opportunity to work on some difficult skills! In most workouts we don’t see a high number of “RX” scores on the board but today should be an exception. Use this opportunity to work on the double under and knee to elbow even if you have not quite mastered the movements. You may have a breakthrough today!

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