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April 21, 2107


Front Squat

Today we’re working up to a strong effort 5 rep front squat.  With the front squat we want to focus on keeping the elbows up and chest as upright as possible.  As with any kind of squatting you’ll want to practice keeping your knees out and tracking over your feet. Remember to release the grip on the bar a bit in the front squat and load the bar onto your torso which should help you keep your elbows and chest up. If you have a mobility problem holding you back from keeping your elbows up you can always try crossing your arms across the bar or modifying that in some way. 5 reps is a lot so take your time and feel free to choose one weight and work there for all 5 sets rather than adding weight as you go.


5 rounds for time
10 Toes-to-Bar
200m Run

Workout Notes: Today’s workout is a bit of a sprint. If you are unable to get your toes all the way to the bar without losing your kipping swing rhythm think about choosing a lower target height that allows you to work on this skill.  If you are just starting to link your reps together plan on performing small sets to be able to withstand the full range of motion through all the reps. If you can not or should not hang from the bar for any reason choose to do V-ups or a higher number of sit-ups. Push the pace on the run if you can, especially in the last round!

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