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April 24, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Hang Squat Clean + 1 Squat Clean

We’re working on lifting technique today. You will start by deadlifting the bar into the hang position and retrace the bar slightly down your legs by bending first at the knees and then bowing forward with the hips. Pull into full extension and squat clean the bar.  Practice catching the bar with your elbows up and bearing the load on your torso. Once you have completed your hang squat clean you can either choose to drop your bar and set up for your squat clean from the floor or complete the rep touch and go. The only difference between the two lifts will be where the bar starts. One from the hang, and one from the floor.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes
Medicine Ball Cleans 20/14lb

Workout Notes: Our AMRAP today is classic CrossFit. We’re moving from barbell cleans in our skill work to medicine ball cleans for our workout. Much of the same technique should be applied here. Your feet will be on the outside of the ball with your hands and arms inside your feet to hold onto the ball.  Use the same explosiveness from your hips that you did during the EMOM and drop under the ball fast to catch it in a squat. Make sure to stand tall to complete each rep.  To keep count during the workout your Medicine Ball Cleans will be going up by 2 every round and your Burpees up by 1.  You should always be doing half the amount of burpees as cleans. Your score will be whatever round you are able to finish both movements of at the end  of the 10 minutes plus any extra reps in the next round.

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