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April 24, 2019


EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Power Snatch

Perform two power snatches every minute for a total of 10 rounds. You can choose to link your reps together or perform two singles, but make sure you’re able to get both reps done within the first half of  each minute.  The weight you choose should be in the moderate effort range.  An appropriate weight would likely be 65-70% or less for newer lifters. Consider starting with a weight you are very familiar with and increasing by small increments if  the lifts are going well.  Even though we are not squatting in this version of the snatch, make sure to drop underneath the bar slightly as you catch it with your hips behind you.  If mobility is an issue for you, talk to your coach about practicing a split snatch!


2 Rounds for time
50 Sit-ups
40 Alternating dumbbell snatch 50/35 lb
30 Box Jumps 24/20″

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a short triplet that will be scored by the total time it takes you to complete two rounds of sit-ups, snatches and box jumps.  Forty snatches is a moderate sized set so use a weight that you can start with a few touch and go reps rather than something so heavy you are forced to do singles.  The large set of box jumps will be tough following the snatches so give yourself a sustainable cadence by resting momentarily on top of the box or as you reset your feet on the floor. If the volume looks high for any of the movements consider cutting the reps down to something more manageable. Something like 40-30-20 would be a great scaling option.

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