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April 6, 2017

EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Hang Power Cleans

Work up to a moderate weight Hang Power Clean and perform 2 repetitions every minute for 10 minutes.  Choose a weight that allows you to do all two reps in a row.  For a power clean we’re looking for a little bit lighter weight than you would use in a squat clean.  You’ll catch the bar in a partial squat dropping as low as is needed.  If you end up breaking parallel you have lifted correctly but have possibly gone a little too heavy.  Practice utilizing the “hook” grip so you can maintain control of the bar!


AMRAP in 8 Minutes
10 Lunges
10 Hang Power Clean 135/95 lb
10 Lateral Bar Hop

Workout notes: Our workout today is to complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of bodyweight lunges, hang power cleans and lateral bar hops.  Each movement is primarily driven with the legs so be careful when you get to the bar hops and make sure you can clear the bar as you jump over.  Lunges should be performed with an upright torso while you alternate each leg tapping your knee to the ground prior to standing up.  Don’t forget about the hook grip as you work through the hang power cleans!

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