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April 7, 2015


“Unbroken Double Under Pyramid”

With a 10 Minute time cap, attempt a new PR at an Unbroken Double Under Pyramid

You must complete each round “Unbroken” to move up each step of the pyramid.  Choose a rep scheme that makes the first round attainable and attempt a challenging number at the higher rounds.  Rest as much as need between rounds so you can focus on the skill itself.

Ex 5-10-15-10-5, 50-75-100-75-50, etc.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

12 Deadlifts 115/75lbs
10 Push Press 115/75lbs
8 Front Rack Lunge Steps 115/75lbs

Workout notes: The push press or lunge will most likely be the weight limiting factor in terms of strength so use a weight you anticipate you will be able to sustain small sets even when fatigued.  Going unbroken during any of the movements isn’t a requirement but you definitely should be able to when you are fresh. Be sure to plan out your rest as you move through the workout so you can minimize any extra work.

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