August 10, 2015



Don’t forget to swipe! Starting tomorrow we’ll be handing out swipe cards to all members and asking that you record your attendance in classes!  We’re growing and preparing for a move and this necessary step will help us to better organize classes and give you the best possible gym.  Thank you so much CFD!


E2MOM for 12 Minutes
3 Deadlift

Today we are working on a strong effort deadlift across 6 sets.  Spend some time working up to a deadlift that is in the 75% range and then perform 6 triples at that same weight. The lift will increase in difficulty as you accumulate more reps so focus on posture and speed off the floor as you get fatigued.  New lifters should start light and practice maintaining a flat lower back as they pull off of the floor. If you are new to this movement start with a light effort weight and increase when you have established the mechanics of the lift.


AMRAP in 6 Minutes
15 Kettlebell Swings 24/16kg
15 Goblet Squats 24/16kg

Workout notes: This workout is short and largely a sprint but don’t forget about appropriate form and mechanics.  The goblet squat is a teaching tool for developing and upright torso through the entire range of motion but it’s also really hard so don’t let your midline cave when the movement becomes difficult.

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