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August 10, 2016


10×1 Lunge Kick to Freestanding handstand

Have some fun with the skill work today! Make several attempts kick into and hold a free standing handstand.  For beginners start by just gently rocking up into the upside down position and increase the height of your legs with each attempt.  Don’t go all out in the beginning and turn over too far.  Make sure to start with locked out arms and have a bail out plan or partner assist in place so you don’t come crashing down.


Every 8 Minutes for 3 rounds*

Each round for time
50 Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
400M Run

*Start rounds at at 0:00, 8:00 and 16:00 on the clock.

Workout: For this workout you record the time of each attempt of wall balls + running.  This workout is interval training in a short time domain so you should be pushing pretty hard each time through the chipper. Go hard in each round but to use the first round to “test” the workout and try to record negative splits in your second and third attempts.  If we have a busy class and limited wall ball spots pair up and stagger by 4 minutes.   If you are not sure you can make the 50 wall ball shots and 400M run with at least a few minutes rest you can scale the volume by decreasing the wall ball shots or shortening the run.

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