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August 21, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Hang Squat Clean

Spend a few minutes working on the the hang squat clean.  Start by deadlifting the barbell into the hang position and pausing at full extension. From there lower the bar to the mid thighs and open the hips to create vertical hip drive and drop under the bar and stand up for each rep.  This lift is difficult as it requires a high level of control as you violently open the hips to generate some momentum on the bar in order to drop under.  The challenge for most lifters will be in pulling the bar back into the receiving position as as you drop under.  As always, start light and increase only if you have the mechanics down.


AMRAP in 9 Minutes
6 Air Squats
3 Push-ups

Workout notes: Today we have a high intensity, short time domain couplet with two bodyweight movements.  By air squats we mean only body weight.  It will be tempting to short the range of motion by not hitting full depth in the squat but don’t shortchange yourself by shortening your depth as you get tired.  Squat to the depth you are capable of throughout the entire workout. If you are proficient at push-ups you should have no trouble moving through these small set sizes so the focus should be intensity! Perform quick transitions and work at a fast but sustainable pace.

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