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August 23, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes

Straight set of Kipping Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

During your skill work practice ten minutes of kipping pull-ups.  We are looking for sustainable sets of at least 2-3 pull-ups for beginners. Each round should be fairly low intensity if you are new to the movement so expect to work for only few seconds of each round. If you can sustain sets of 5 it’s likely you are starting to master the skill.  If chest-to-bar is not happening today scale to pull-ups or kipping swings.


3 Rounds for time
21 Power Snatches 95/65lb
400M Run

Workout notes: This workout is another classic CrossFit couplet! The prescribed barbell movement is suggested on the lighter side so we’re looking for a load that is less that 60% of your 1RM.  With a light snatch like the goal should be to complete the workout in a small number of sets. If you are forced to do singles early on you have gone too heavy!

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