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August 23, 2019


10×1 Wall walk with shoulder taps.

This probably sounds simple but they are really hard! Take as much rest as needed between repetitions and focus on quality! Start on the ground and walk up the wall under control until your belly gets close to the wall.  Engage a strict hollow body and practice tapping your shoulder(s) alternating every rep.  Most of us will want to cap the movement at about ten reps or under.  Focus on shifting your weight to the loaded shoulder and tapping either shoulder.    Practice keeping a rigid holloe body throughout each rep and make sure that you are under control on the way up AND down.  If you are unable to maintain a good body position while walking your chest all the way to the wall you can walk part way up and then return under control to the ground.  Partner up with someone to share wall space and watch the clock for each other depending on how long you want to hold the top of your rep.  If you are proficient at the movement you can practice shoulder taps out in free space or make a handstand walk attempt if you are ready.


CrossFit Open 17.1

for time*


Alternating dumbbell snatch 50/35 lb

15 Burpee box jump overs after every round of snatches 24/20″

* 20 Minute time cap

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a throwback to the 2017 CrossFit open.  For this workout you’ll need only a dumbbell and a plyobox.  The workout is technically for time but has a twenty minute time cap.  Finishing the workout under the time cap is a monumental task so keep in mind that a lot of us will hit the time cap.  If you do hit the time cap your score will be the total number of snatches in your last completed round plus any additional reps in an incomplete round.  For example if you finished the round of 40 and then an additional 50 snatches your score would be 40+50.   The total volume is high but you do have that time cap there to bail you out.  If you are new to CrossFit or this level of volume of reps you can always cap yourself by chopping off that last round of snatches. Remember that both movements can also be scaled.  The snatches can be scaled by load and you can perform burpee box step overs if the high volume of jumps is questionable.


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