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August 27, 2017


10 Rounds for reps

30 seconds of Power cleans 185/135 lb
30 seconds rest
30 seconds of Box Jumps 24/20″
30 seconds rest

Workout notes: Today’s workout features two difficult movements performed on 30 second intervals. Your workout will be scored by your total number of repetitions completed across all 10 rounds.  Box Jump experts could possibly game the workout by not going hard on the cleans but that is not the intent of this workout!  Use this opportunity to go hard on both movements! The prescribed power clean load is a bit heavier than you might see in a higher volume workout with no rest prescribed.  Use this opportunity to try cycling a heavier load faster than you normally would.  That doesn’t mean you should go to failure or use a load too far outside of your comfort zone, but the weight on your bar should be a little heavier than normal.

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