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August 28, 2015


Sumo Deadlift

Work up to a heavy single in the Sumo style deadlift.  If you are used to traditional deadlifts spend a good portion of time familiarizing yourself with the mechanics of the lift.  The basics of setup are to start by lining up your shins parallel to the bar and in a wide stance with your arms hanging straight down from the shoulders.  You may find that you are stronger or weaker with one of the lifting styles. That can give you a good indication of where your dominant strength chain is.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes
25 Wall Ball Shots 20/14lbs 10/9′
12 Kettlebell Swings 32/24kg
90 Seconds Rest*

*continue without the rest period if you find yourself completing a round with less than 3 minutes left.

Workout notes: This workout is a variation on one we saw in July. The set size of both movements has increased.  If you found yourself performing each round unbroken with only transition time during each interval attempt these new numbers or move up in loading. Use a medicine ball and kettlebell with which you can move quickly through both movements keeping the intensity high during that period and recovering during the rest period.   Give yourself  90 seconds rest between rounds and try to attack each movement with high intensity. You do not have to go unbroken of course but choose a rep scheme that keeps you moving!

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