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August 5, 2017


for time *

1 mile run


5 Rounds of

10 Toes To Bar
20 Power Clean 135/95 lb

*  40 Minute time cap

Workout notes: Today’s workout starts with a 1 mile run as a buy in before we begin a 5 round couplet.  We start the workout with a heavy monostructural and bodyweight emphasis and transition into a difficult couplet with a weightlifting bias.  Our total rep count is on the higher end. The volume of reps is outside of what you might normally see in a shorter CrossFit metcon so consider that when you decide how you might scale the workout.  If you are new this level of volume perform 2-3 rounds after the run rather than the full 5 rounds that are benchmarked following your opening run.  If classes are large feel free to pair up and share a spot on the bars or substitute v-ups or a larger number of sit-ups for toes-to-bar.

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