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August 6, 2017


Tabata Row
1 minute rest
Tabata Double Under
1 minute rest
Tabata Push-up
1 minute rest
Tabata Sit-ups
1 minute rest
Tabata Kettlebell Swing

Workout notes: This workout is scored using the traditional scoring for the Tabata interval.  Score each movement by your lowest number of repetitions in any round. Your total score at the end of the workout will be the sum of your lowest scores for each movement. Start each tabata by attempting a challenging number but don’t go to failure! Start with  a difficult but potentially sustainable number rather than playing it safe and feeling like you could have held an extra rep or two at the end of a round. If you aren’t able to maintain the number you start with by the end of each round that’s okay!  If classes are large start at any station and continue through the workout in the posted order.

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