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June 26, 2020

Where’s The Barbell?

AMRAP 20 minutes

10 alternating dumbbell snatches
20 push-ups
30 step-ups

Workout Notes

We will be using a dumbbell today! Start with ten alternating dumbbell snatches. Choose a weight that you can maintain unbroken sets throughout. Move on to twenty push-ups. Scale by elevating your hands onto your box or by dropping down to your knees. Finally, finish with thirty step ups! Let your coach know if you have any questions.

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June 24, 2020

I Gotta Have More Barbell

EMOM 10 minutes
1 squat snatch


rest 3 minutes


AMRAP 7 minutes
max reps of burpee box jumps

Workout Notes

If Matt Pedri wants more barbell, we should probably give him more barbell. First up, one squat snatch on the minute for ten minutes. Really focus on your catch position today. Get as deep in that overhead squat as you can while maintaining a solid position (heels on the floor, knees out, chest up). A power snatch is a great option as well. Really explore your space with that barbell. I mean, really explore that space! After round ten, rest for three minutes. Then put on your gold-plated diapers, because once your rest is up, the workout becomes a seven minute AMRAP of burpee box jumps. Scale by using a plate or stack of plates rather than a box. You will only be doing yourself and the entire gym a disservice if you don’t perform the hell out of those burpee box jumps! And remember, if you have a fever, the only prescription is more barbell (just kidding please stay home if you have a fever).

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June 23, 2020

Eat, Sleep, Barbell, Repeat

For time:

100 push jerks (115/85)

Workout Notes:

At least it’s not squats, lunges, or hang cleans today. The workout is pretty straight-forward: Complete one hundred push jerks as fast as you can. Utilize a strong drive from your legs, and drop under the bar as you catch it overhead before you lock out your arms and punch your head through your shoulders to complete each rep. This should be a smooth motion. Besides decreasing the load, cut down the number of reps to scale even further. Let your coach know if you have any questions!

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June 22, 2020

Barbell Therapy


hang power cleans (115/85)
front rack walking lunge steps (115/85)

Workout Notes

If my calculations are correct, that is one hundred and ten reps of each movement. Choose your weight accordingly. You should be able to consistently knock out large sets. Start the workout with twenty hang power cleans. Remember that each new set starts with a deadlift to the hang position and to utilize a hook grip! Follow that first set of hang power cleans with twenty front rack walking lunge steps. Alternate each rep and keep your chest tall. Scale today’s workout by doing bodyweight lunges instead of front rack walking lunge steps. Let your coach know if you have any questions!

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June 20, 2020

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica…and Barbells


5 rounds for time:

12 deadlifts (155/105)
9 hang power cleans (155/105)
6 push jerks (155/105)

Background: In honor of US Air Force SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. 

Timothy was survived by his wife Megan and his son, T.J., who was one year old when he passed.

Workout Notes

Ok people, “DT” is the name and barbell domination is the game. Will you dominate or get dominated? Choose a weight that is light for the deadlifts, moderate for the hang power cleans, and tough for the push jerks. Shoot for a weight that you could get through the first round unbroken if you had to. Be strategic with your sets! Save a deadlift for your first hang power clean and save a hang power clean for your first push jerk. Move quickly and have fun!

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June 19, 2020


Set aside some time today to research the significance of June 19th. Use your voice and resources to action change. There is a long road ahead and a lot of work to do, but we know the CFD community is committed to being a part of the solution. We can and must do better for the black community. Start with some research and follow up with a signature to help make June 19th a federally recognized holiday.

Barbell Season

Every 90 seconds for 12 rounds:

1 clean (power or squat)
rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 5 minutes
front squats 135/95#

Workout Notes

Build up to a heavy squat or power clean today. Continue to re-familiarize yourself with the barbell. You will have twelve chances today, add weight strategically! Create a pre-lift routine (stance, grip, shoulders back, gaze forward, etc.) and execute it before each lift. After twelve rounds, you will have two minutes to rest and load your barbell for front squats. Then you will knock out as many front squats as possible in five minutes. Sustainable set sizes will be crucial to minimizing your rest here. Utilize the squat clean for each new set, maintain a strong front rack position, and aim to drop your hip crease below your knee crease. Let your coach know if you have any questions!

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June 18, 2020

Barbell is Life


deadlift 185/135
box jumps

kb swings or db snatch
box jumps

Workout Notes

Lather on the Wod Repair and tape up those fingers because we are crushing more barbell today. We have a classic combo of deadlifts and box jumps. Choose a conservative weight (especially if you haven’t deadlifted in three months). Be sure to pull the slack out of the barbell each time you start a new set. Setup is key! Step ups are a great substitute for box jumps as well. If you sign up to workout outside, we will be substituting kettlebell swings or dumbbell snatches for the deadlifts. Hit it hard and have fun. Let your coach know if you have any questions.

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June 17, 2020

Barbell Every Damn Day

AMRAP 15 minutes

5 power snatches 115/85#
10 bodyweight lunges
15 sit-ups

Workout Notes

Hope you love the barbell, because we are making up for lost time. Start each round with five power snatches. Choose a conservative weight, the Rx weight is on the heavier side today. Shoot for quick singles or touch-and-go reps. Control the weight past the knees, open your hips violently, and finish locked out overhead. Next, move on to ten bodyweight lunges making sure to keep your chest tall. Finish each round with fifteen sit-ups. Let your coach know if you have any questions!

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June 16, 2020

Today’s Workout

5 Rounds of 3 minutes on, 1 minute off

3 clean & jerks 135/95
12 air squats or alternating pistols

Workout Notes

We will be using the same time interval as “The Chief” today: five rounds of three minutes on, one minute off. Knock out three clean and jerks to start each round. Choose a weight that is light enough so that three quick singles are no problem. Ideally, shoot for a power clean plus a push jerk. Next move onto twelve air squats or pistols. These reps should also be quick. If you want to try pistols but twelve reps seems daunting, simply cut the reps in half! Keep track of your rounds and your extra reps separately. Let your coach know if you have any questions!

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June 12, 2020

At Home WOD

Brought to you by Jakob L.

3 rounds for time:

400m run
21 swings
12 plank drags

Workout Notes

We have an ode to “Helen” today. Start each round with a four-hundred meter run. Go directly into twenty-one swings. If you have a kettlebell, use it. If you have a dumbbell, use it for swings or alternating snatches. Next, use that same piece of equipment for twelve plank drags. Drag your equipment from left to right with your right hand and right to left with you left hand. Maintain a rigid core throughout. Let your coach know if you have any questions!