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December 14, 2016


EMOM for 10 minutes
1 Hang Squat Clean

We’re working on lifting technique today. Start by deadlifting the bar into the hang position and retrace the bar slightly down your legs by bending first at the knees and then bowing forward with the hips. Pull into full extension and squat clean the bar.  Practice catching the bar with your elbows up and bearing the load on your torso.


AMRAP in 10 minutes
Thruster 135/95lb
Double Under

Many of you had your fill of thrusters at the Hometown Hoedown. Well they’re back, and a little heavier this time. The benchmark weight is listed at 135/95 today which can be a challenging weight when it comes to thrusters. Make sure you are able to string multiple reps together with the weight you choose before starting the workout.  You don’t want to get stuck doing single squat clean thrusters for this workout.  Focus on keeping your elbows up and chest high through the squat portion of the thruster. Drive through your heels to quickly send the weight overhead in one smooth motion.  If double unders are still giving you trouble, cut the reps down before deciding to go to singles.  5-10-15.. or 2-4-6-8..etc. would be a good place to start if this is a challenging movement for you. Whatever rep scheme you decide on here, make sure to stick to it for the full 10 minutes Committing to double unders is the only way to master this skill!


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