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December 19, 2015


AMRAP in 20 Minutes
5 Strict Pull-Ups
10 Strict HSPU
20 Alternating Pistols


Workout notes: We have several very difficult movements in today’s workout. The workout is a long triplet in AMRAP form.  All of our movements are strict and require a great deal of strength to accomplish. If you are scaling the pull-ups or HSPU remember that kipping is not generally good scaling option. You would be better served by performing strict movements and scaling the range of motion or using some assistance. For pull-ups perform supine ring rows or banded pull-ups. HSPU can best be scaled by performing pike push-ups on the ground or with a box or using an abmat or two to decrease the range of motion if you are comfortable against the wall.  The pistol can be scaled in several ways as well depending on your strength and mobility.  Most commonly you will use a box and practice one legged step ups or lower downs.
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