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December 2, 2020


EMOM for 10 minutes
2 Thrusters

Complete two thrusters every minute on the minute for ten minutes. Add weight as you go or work with one weight throughout the ten minutes. It would be smart to go heavier here than you are planning to in the workout so that the squat clean thrusters feel a bit lighter! Focus on driving out of your squat with as much speed as possible to save your arms.

Workout of the day

AMRAP in 7 minutes
Squat clean thrusters

Workout notes

If you’re a seasoned Open participant this workout may look familiar. You’ll have seven minutes to rack up as many reps of a squat clean thruster. Hopefully you’re moving smoothly through these reps after all the practice in the EMOM. Unlike a regular thruster, the squat clean thruster will start from the floor for every rep. Catch the bar in a front squat position and then drive the bar with speed over head in one smooth movement. Singles will be the smartest way to get through this workout but make sure not to lose too much time resting between reps.


standard: 115/75 lb
rx: 155/105 lb
sport: 185/135 lb
overachiever: 205/145 lb

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