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December 28, 2016


EMOM for 10 Minutes

1 Split Jerk w/ pause in the bottom of split position

Work on the technique of the split jerk with a moderate load.  Adding the pause will increase the difficulty of the lift so focus an upright dip and drive.  In the split position make sure you are distributing your weight equally over both feet with your front foot toed in slightly and your back foot planted on the ball of the foot.  Start with a light load and add weight in small increments if you are new to the lift.


3 rounds for time

50 Sit-Ups
20 Hang Squat Cleans 95/65lb

Our workout today starts with a large set of sit-ups.  If 50 looks like a lot plan to scale the number down to something more manageable.  if you have never done 150 sit-ups in a workout before definitely consider dropping the number to 30-40 reps each round.  For the hang squat cleans the weight should be light so that you are able to complete larger sets without putting the bar down.  Choose a weight that will allow you to finish each set of 20 in 3-4 sets.  Each rep will start from the hang, your first rep of each set will start with a deadlift from the floor and a pause in the hang position before initiating the squat clean.  Make sure to catch the bar in a full squat with your hips below parallel before standing tall to complete the rep.


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