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December 31, 2019


Please note: We will be open for one class today, December 31st at 9:30AM and closed Wednesday, January 1st for the New Years Day holiday. Normal hours return Thursday, January 2nd.


10 Rounds of 2 minutes on 1 minute off
20 Wall ball shots then max reps burpees
20 alternating dumbbell snatches then max reps burpees

Workout notes

To kick off today’s festivities we have a long duration workout with ten short intervals. You will have five opportunities to work at each of two stations. Each round starts with either twenty wall ball shots or twenty dumbbell snatches.  After you complete your twenty rep buy-in you will have the rest of the two minute work period to score reps of burpees.  When choosing a dumbbell or medicine ball weight use a load that gets you finishing each set of twenty in under a minute.  The rest period is short when compared to the work period so dialing in your loads for those buy-ins is essential.

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