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December 4, 2019


EMOM for 10 Minutes

Strict HSPU


1 Strict Press + 4 push press

We’re continuing our handstand push-up or overhead press strength cycle today. Choose between one of two overhead options, upside down or on your feet!   Feel free to continue working with the same movement you practiced last time or switch it up if that feels right for you.      For the strict HSPU you will be working on kicking up against the wall and performing a straight set of strict HSPU.  You can scale by using one or two abmats as a target. The second movement has us partnering up and using a barbell out of squat rack for an overhead complex. Work up to a strong effort 1 rep strict press + 4 rep push press.  The strict press falls of quickly and but so does a 4 rep push press for that matter!  Most of us will find the strict press to be the limiting factor but that’s okay. Stick to the rep scheme and keep that first rep strict.


Tabata Air-assault for calories
Tabata Box jumps 24/20″
Tabata Wall ball shots 20/14 lb 10/9′

* one minute rest between Tabatas

Workout notes

We will be using the Tabata interval for today’s workout.  The interval is eight rounds of twenty seconds of work and ten seconds of rest.  We’ll work for eight full rounds on each movement with a minute rest to transition and recover between stations.   For the bike you’ll want to wind up the flywheel quickly and hold a higher pace than you normally would in an interval workout with a longer duration. Do you your best to moderate your work so you score close to the same number of calories in each round. One extra calorie in a round likely won’t be worth the effort. For the wall ball shots use a weight with which you can work through most of the twenty second interval non-stop. Pace your box jumps by resting at the top or bottom so you can work continuously for all eight rounds.  We’ll score this workout in the same way you would score the workout “Fight Gone Bad” Count all of the reps you accumulate at each station and come up with one big score.   With all the rest periods that means you have the opportunity to keep the intensity high so treat each twenty second work period as a mini AMRAP.






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