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December 4, 2020

Workout of the day

Every 90 seconds for 12 rounds
8 box jumps then 1 clean & jerk

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a chance to lift some weight! You will have twelve opportunities for a clean and jerk after eight box jumps every round. Plan out your weight jumps so that you can end with a few challenging reps or maybe even a PR attempt! A squat clean and split jerk will be your best bet to get the most weight from the floor to overhead but it will be the lifters choice today! Power clean, Squat clean, Push Jerk or Split Jerk are all acceptable. Have some fun with this one CFD! Happy Friday!


standard: step ups, same weight across all rounds
rx: 24/20″, building
sport:24/20″, building
overachiever: 30/24″, building

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