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December 7, 2015


[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”theme” custom_colour=””]It’s not too late to sign up for the Hometown Hoedown! All current and former CrossFit Davis members are welcome to compete! We will have both scaled and Rx Divisions. The fun will start around 9AM Saturday.  Everyone is welcome to attend even if you are not competing! Holiday party to follow! Workouts will be released Wednesday! [/creativ_alertbox]



Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

Spend some time working up to a strong effort back squat.  You shouldn’t be working up to failure but to a weight that is challenging and doesn’t compromise form.  Remember to keep your torso upright and push back on the bar through the entire range of motion. With the back squat your chest will be forward a bit depending on where you put the bar but you should maintain that angle from start to finish.



AMRAP in 8 Minutes

20-40-60-80-100 …
Double Unders
10-20-30-40-50 …

Workout notes: This workout should look like the familiar benchmark workout “Annie”.  In this version we’re upping the difficulty level by increasing the amount of prescribed double unders as well as using an increasing rep scheme.  The increasing rep scheme will be more difficult as you will be fatigued when you get to the larger sets. If you are still working on double unders make an effort to get some every round before you abandon them or cut the number of reps in half matching the number of sit-ups you perform.

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