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December 7, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
Straight Set of Kipping Toes To Bar

Use this time to practice your kipping swing and toe-to-bar with a kip. If you are new to the movement start by alternating between the hollow and arch position on the bar and follow that by pulling the knees in and up to the chest. Remember that this is skill practice and we have a high volume of shoulder work today so don’t start with a max set or use this to test your overall work capacity unless you’re very comfortable with the movement!   Start with small sustainable sets and try to maintain that effort across a the entire 10 minutes.


10 Rounds

30 seconds assault bike for calories
30 seconds rest
30 seconds sit-ups
30 seconds rest

Workout notes: Today’s workout is all about our brand new bikes!  You’ll spend 30 seconds accumulating as many calories as possible before resting and transitioning to sit-ups.  The bike will have you breathing hard but you’ll have 90 seconds to recover and perform 30 seconds of sit-ups.  Use this opportunity to get familiar with the bike and test your capacity. Start with a moderate effort on the bike and try to increase your effort by the end of the workout.  Keep an eye on your the “RPM” metric and establish a rate that is sustainable for your.

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