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December 8, 2015


Weighted Pull-up

Perform 5 sets of 2 Pull-Ups and increase the weight across each set if possible.  Perform the pull-ups strict and without weight rather than kipping if you are not quite ready for weighted pull-ups.  If you do not have strict pull-ups yet perform 5 sets for max reps of supine ring rows.


AMRAP in 15 Minutes

10 Alternating Pistols
15 Kettlebell Swings 32/24 kg
200M Run

Workout notes: Today we have two difficult movements to work on! The pistol or one-legged squat takes a great deal of mobility and strength to be able to perform correctly so spend some time warming up the movement and find an appropriate scaling option if you can’t quite get to full depth right now.  The kettlebell suggestion is also in the heavy range so if you feel like you are ready to attempt a heavier kettlebell scale the movement to russian style swings.

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