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February 2, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
1 Power Clean + 2 Split Jerks

Today’s focus will be primarily on the split jerk.   For this complex work with a weight light enough that you can clean it from the floor and catch in a partial squat before you setup for your jerk sequence.  You will need to manage bringing the bar down from overhead safely for the second jerk and for that reason your load may be much lighter than your 1RM.


3 Rounds for reps

2 Minutes of Wall Ball Shots 20/14lb 10/9′
1 Minute of Power Cleans 135/95lb
1 Minute of rest

Workout notes: This workout is a repeat from March 28, 2016!  You will score this workout as you would “Fight Gone Bad”.  Count your total number of reps of Wall Ball Shots and Power Cleans and come up with one cumulative score. With two total minutes on the wall ball shots you will obviously be able to score most of your reps there so keep the intensity up but leave something in the tank to knock out some cleans.  Your power clean weight should be manageable for quick singles or small sets.  If classes are large you can share a wall ball spot with someone and start two minutes behind them so that everyone completes the workout in the order listed.

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