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February 5, 2017

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AMRAP in 20 Minutes
10 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps with plate 45/25lb
200m Run with plate 45/25lb
20 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps with plate 45/25lb
400m Run

Workout notes: For today’s workout we are working in the 20 minute time domain.  Much of your time will be spent running so try to settle in to a steady pace here.  The lunges can be performed walking or in place depending on class sizes.  You will hold a plate locked out over your head during each lunge step.  These can be difficult and demand quite a bit of mobility from your shoulders so don’t be afraid to choose a lighter weight that allows you to stay in a strong and safe position through your reps.  For the 200 meter run you will carry your plate with you in any way you choose, but you will leave the plate behind for the 400 meter run.

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