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February 7, 2017


10×1 Wall Walk

This probably sounds simple but they are really hard! Take as much rest as needed between repetitions and focus on quality! Start on the ground and walk up the wall under control until your belly hits the wall and hold at the top for up to 5-10 seconds. Practice keeping a rigid body throughout each rep and make sure that you are under control on the way up AND down.  If you are unable to maintain a good body position while walking your chest all the way to the wall you can walk part way up and then return under control to the ground.  Partner up with someone to share wall space and watch the clock for each other depending on how long you want to hold the top of your rep.


5 rounds for reps

1 Minute Row for Calories
1 Minute Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts 50/35lb
1 Minute Box Jumps 24/20″
1 Minute Rest

Workout Notes: Today’s workout will be scored like you would score the workout “Fight Gone Bad”.  Count your total number of repetitions completed across all 5 rounds and come up with one total score. You will start the workout on the rower so make sure your pace allows you to jump right into the next movement.  Keep a steady pace on the burpee deadlifts and make sure to get your feet up close to the dumbells before performing a deadlift so that you can maintain a flat back through the lift.  Move smoothly and safely through the box jumps.  Focus on landing in a partial squat on top of the box with your chest up.

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