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February 8, 2016


Front Squat 10-10-10-10-10

Today we’re performing 5 sets of 10 Squats working up to a heavy set. This rep range is probably unfamiliar territory so spend some time thinking about how you would perform a large set of heavy squats. The best strategy is to take a moment to take a few slow and deep breaths at the top of every rep to allow some recovery before you start your next rep.  This will help you to avoid hitting failure. A weight that is in the 70% range would be appropriate for more experience lifters.  Start light with an an empty bar and make sure you are performing all of your reps to your full range of motion.  We do this not only to warm each joint through it’s entire range but to reinforce proper mechanics.  Maintain an upright and rigid torso through each rep.   You should NOT be hitting failure on this but just in case be sure to review how to ditch the barbell when performing front squats.  Remember we do NOT use spotters for front or overhead squats.



For time

50 Burpees


Workout notes: This might look like an extremely simple workout for most but there are many ways to approach this.  The burpee is most effective as a training tool when performed to the most difficult movement standard. That means touching your chest and thighs to the floor and reaching full extension while you are off of the ground(perpendicular to the floor). Try to be explosive off of the ground even if this means slowing down your overall time. If you opt for a crawl up burpee your potential will be blunted as you are time limited by the mechanics of that method.

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