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Friday January 11th

Hooray it’s Friday!! The weekend is almost here!!  

Announcement: On Saturday afternoon Coach Alex will be running the tryouts for the SacTown Throwdown teams with a few make ups happening on Sunday and Monday. If you did not put your name on the board, but are interested in trying out for the Novice or Open team please send an email to so I can get you the info! Good luck to everyone trying out this weekend! 



Work up to a heavy single for the day. If you’re new to snatching find your working weight (the weight right under where you start to miss) and work single reps there for consistency. 



Knees to Elbows


Thruster 95/65

*With this rep scheme you will do 10 Knees to Elbows and 1 Thruster, 9 Knees to Elbows and 2 Thrusters etc. 

If Knees to Elbows on the bar are difficult for you, try them on the rings! This can sometimes be easier than doing them on the pull up bar.