Friday January 25th

Happy Friday! 

Tomorrow is the SacTown Throwdown!! If you haven’t already gotten your tickets you can get them here:  We will have a few tents and a place to hang out between WOD’s, come cheer on our teams!! The Heat Schedule for the weekend is here:  We have 3 teams competing so we will need a big cheering section! Hope some of you can make it out!! 



Work up to a Heavy Single for the day.  This doesn’t necesarrily mean that you will be going for a new 1RM. We can’t PR everyday! If you’re feeling good, go for it! If not work up to what feels heavy for you today and try to hit each jerk with solid technique. Being able to hit solid and consistant reps right under your PR will eventually equal a new PR.  


4 Rounds

12 DB Snatch 45/25

12 Burpees

12 Candlestick roll ups or Candlestick roll ups to pistols. 

HAVE FUN!! And hope to see some of you tomorrow at the STTD!!