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January 12, 2016


Tabata Handstand Hold or Walk

The Tabata interval is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Complete the full 8 rounds and hold the handstand during as much of the 20 second interval as you can.    If you have trouble during long effort handstand holds, add in some extra rest by coming down early and try to maintain that  for 8 rounds.  If this is your first time being upside down in a while you can try to perform 1 wall walk each round climbing as far as you are able and then coming back down for a total of 8 times. If you have good proficiency performing handstand holds you can attempt handstand walking.


AMRAP in 20 Minutes

400M Run
10 Front Squats 185/125 lb
20 Burpees

Workout notes: For this workout we’re suggesting going a little heavier with the front squat weight.  The workout is in the longer time domain and even the fastest athletes will have around 4 or more minutes between sets of squats so for that reason challenge yourself with a little heavier weight on the front squat.  Front squats are always difficult so keep in mind that even if you are going heavier you still want the weight to be in the 60-70% range rather than using a weight that is too heavy to get your 10 reps done in sets.


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