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January 13, 2015


Hang Squat Clean


Work up to a strong effort hang squat clean.  Start light and increase with each successful attempt.  If you are new to the movement work on performing a power clean and riding the bar down into your deepest squat.  If you are not already utilizing the hook grip you will most likely need to with this movement! Be sure to maintain an upright torso and rack the bar on your shoulders with elbows up as you are standing up out of your squat.


3 Rounds for Reps with 1 Minute on each Station

Double Dumbbell Front Squats 45/30lbs
Row for Calories

Workout notes: Score this workout as you would a fight gone bad style workout where your total reps for the entire workout is your score.   Even though one station might be a better place for you to increase your total try not to look at the workout that way and make your best effort at each station.

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