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January 2, 2019


10×1 Lunge Kick to Freestanding handstand OR Handstand Walk practice

Spend some time working on a handstand skill of your choice today.  For beginners start by just gently rocking up into the upside down position and increase the height of your legs with each attempt.  Don’t go all out in the beginning and turn over too far.  Make sure to start with locked out arms and have a bail out plan or partner assist in place so you don’t come crashing down.  If you are newer to this skill start against a wall with some handstand holds or wall walks if you are not quite ready to kick up yet.  If you are comfortable kicking in to a freestanding handstand on your own spend today practicing walking on your hands or try tackling an obstacle or two!


6 Rounds with 1 minute at each station

Burpee pull-ups
Sandbag cleans 100/70 lb
Row for calories

Workout notes

Today we’re dusting off our hoedown gifts and bringing them into a workout. We’ll spend some time reviewing the sandbag clean in each class so if they are new to you don’t fret! In the clean you will take the sandbag from the floor and drop it over your shoulder for each rep.  Start with a wide stance and try to generate some hip drive to get the sandbag up to the shoulder.  Remember this is an odd object so the actual weight you choose will feel a bit heavier than what you are used to when it comes to barbell lifts.  The available weights are distributed from 45-100 pounds so you will have several to choose from and we can scale below that if needed as well. The cleans will be paired with burpee pull-ups and rowing for calories. In the burpee pull-up use a bar that is just outside your reach.  Ideally you will jump as high as possible and pass through a part of a strict pull-up.  Score this workout like you would fight gone bad and count up your total reps after all six rounds to come up with one big score.

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