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January 22, 2016


Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1

Work up to a heavy single deadlift.  Start with a light weight and make sure to have an appropriate setup as you address the bar. A proper setup includes the bar over your mid foot at the start of each rep, shoulders starting over and slightly in front of the bar, and most importantly a flat back throughout the lift.  Try to lift the bar in a vertical line because this shortens the distance the weight travels from floor to top of the lift and keeps the weight over your feet.  Be sure to maintain these good mechanics as you progress through each single at increasingly heavier weight.


3 Rounds with 2 Minutes on each station

Wall Ball Shots 20/14 lb 10/9′
Double Unders

Workout notes: This workout will be scored like “Fight Gone Bad” counting all of the reps you accumulate at both of two stations.  The total workout time will be 12 minutes and you will hit each station 3 times.  Note that there is no rest between the two stations so transition quickly.  Remember that even though you might be able to score a lot more reps at the double under station that doesn’t mean you should rest easy during the Wall Ball Shots.  Do your best to make a strong effort at both places.  If you are new to double unders use this opportunity to commit to the movement rather than switching to single unders without giving them a fair shot.

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