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January 23, 2020




For today’s skill work we are working up to a strong effort snatch for the day.  The  snatch is probably the most difficult lift that we do so start light and learn the mechanics of the lift before you start working with heavy loads.  If you are new to the movement start by catching the bar in the power position and slowly ride the bar down into the bottom of your overhead squat. The squat snatch is the most efficient way to get a big weight overhead but if mobility is an issue for you that can be difficult! Consider a power or split snatch  for today’s skill work if you are mobility issues.  Regardless of how deep into a squat you can go with a barbell overhead, the mechanics of the lift are essentially the same.  Pull the bar from the floor under control with your hips low and your back angle fixed, after the bar passes your knees aggressively drive the bar upward with vertical hip drive and drop into the deepest receiving position you can muster prior to standing up.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

15 Sit-up
15 Box Jump 24/20″

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a medium length couplet of two bodyweight movements.  The set size for the sit-ups is fairly small so consider trying to pick up the pace a little bit versus what you would normally do during a larger set size.  The volume of box jumps will build up quickly so there you will want to pace yourself by jumping up and stepping down or resting momentarily on the box.  Ideally your cadence should be the same throughout the entire workout, resting as you transition rather than sprinting a few box jumps and having to stop in your tracks.  Your score will be the total number of round and additional reps after ten minutes.

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