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January 8, 2016


Run 1 Mile

Test your 1 Mile run time today following your general warm up.  Pace yourself a bit so you can speed up on the way in rather than starting out on an unsustainable pace.


2 Rounds of the following

3 Minutes of

Rowing for Calories


3 Minutes of

10 Overhead Squats 95/65 lb
10 Pull-Ups


3 Minutes rest


Workout notes: We will run this workout similar to how we would run a “Fight Gone Bad” style workout.  In this instance we have only two stations with three total movements. You will start on the rower for 3 minutes accumulating calories. For most athletes the best strategy will be to take it easy on the first round of rowing and leave something in the tank for the more difficult round of overhead squats and pull-ups.  After your row the Overhead Squat and Pull-Up portion will be scored as an AMRAP.  Your overall score will be the total calories, overhead squats and pull-ups achieved in both rounds.

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