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January 8, 2021

Live workout photo

Tabata squats*
*hold a squat during rest period
Tabata push-ups
*hold a plank during rest period

A fun little piece of skill work today to get things started. Tabata is eight rounds of twenty seconds of work and ten seconds of rest. Keep track of your total squats and total push-ups during this tabata. The twist for today though is that during the ten second “rest” periods you’ll still be working. Hold a squat during the rest of the first round of tabata and a plank during the second tabata. There is no rest between the two tabatas besides the built in ten seconds.

Workout of the Day
10 rounds of 60 seconds on 30 seconds off
10 jumping alternating lunge steps
max reps power cleans

With today’s interval workout the goal will be to rack up as many power cleans as possible in each sixty second work period. Before you make your way to the barbell though you’ll need to complete ten jumping lunges. Give these a try before the workout starts to make sure you’re comfortable with this movement. Regular standing lunge steps can be done if needed. Quick singles on the power cleans will most likely be the way to go once you get to the barbell.

standard: 115/75 lb
rx: 135/95 lb
sport: 155/105 lb
overachiever: 185/135 lb