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July 17, 2017

[creativ_alertbox icon=”” colour=”theme” custom_colour=””]This Thursday Lululemon is hosting a shop night for CFD members to celebrate Kirsten before she leaves for The CrossFit Games! She would love to see you there![/creativ_alertbox]


EMOM for 10 Minutes
[odd] Toes-To-Bar
[even] Double Unders

Spend 10 minutes working on two difficult skills. During every odd minute perform 1 to 2 sets of toes-to-bar. We’re looking for a set or two that you can maintain for 5 rounds, but feel free to bump the numbers up from what you would do if we were doing only toes-to-bar each minute.   If you are new to the movement perform kipping swings working on alternating between arch and hollow body and getting your toes as high as you can while maintaining this rhythm On the even minute perform at least :30 seconds of double under attempts.  If you have mastered the double under work as long as you would like during each minute and get as many double unders done as you can during each work period or try for a max unbroken set each minute.


AMRAP in 10 Minutes

Kettlebell Snatch 32/24kg*
*EMOM 7 Burpees

Workout Notes:  For today’s workout you will be trying to accumulate as many kettlebell snatches as you can over 10 minutes.  The only catch is that you will have to perform 7 burpees at the top of every minute, including the first minute.  Once you have finished your burpees in each minute you can move on to your kettlebell and get to work.  Initiate the kettlebell snatch very much like you would a kettlebell swing, but lead with your elbow and rotate your wrist around the kettlebell before punching out at the top.  Try not to just flip the KB end over end and let it smash into your arm.  You do not need to bring the kettlebell back to the floor or alternate arms between reps, each rep can be initiated from the hang and it is up to you how you split up the reps throughout the workout.  Aim to keep your burpees fast so that you are sure to have more time for kettlebell snatch reps.  If you find that the 7 burpees are taking up most of the minute, feel free to drop the number to 5 as a scaling option.

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