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July 23, 2014


3 Rounds not for time

1 Min Handstand Hold
:30 Second  L-Hang
Max Effort Support Hold on Rings or Parallel Bars

Transition quickly through each station and rest as much time as you to between each round.  Scale the handstands by walking up the wall or holding pike on a box.  The L-hang can be scaled to a knee tuck with both legs, one leg or at a dead hang.  For the support hold try to use the rings and work with a spotter if it is your first time.  Fight hard to turn the rings out!


AMRAP in 12 Minutes

10 Burpees
25 Double-unders

Workout notes: This workout comes to us from! To make the burpees difficult perform them to a target that is 6″ out of your reach. The AMRAP is a great opportunity to work on double unders! Even if you need to do them one at a time you have to start somewhere.  If you are scaling them to single unders perform them 3:1 but make a double under attempt every 25 reps.

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