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July 26, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
:30 seconds of pistols

Pistols are a unique challenge.  They require a lot of mobility and strength in order to perform them to full depth. Today we will be tackling this difficult skill, luckily there are MANY ways to scale this movement.  You can use a box and perform high box step ups with a slow negative or use assistance from a squat stand post, ring or band.  If you are close to being able to do pistols you might try wearing weightlifting shoes or sliding a small plate under the heel of your shoe to make things a bit easier.


5 Rounds with 1 Minute on each station

Thrusters 95/65lb

Workout notes: Today’s workout will be scored as you would score the workout “Fight Gone Bad”. The thruster and pull-up combo should look familiar to many of you.  The thruster weight is meant to be light and something you could perform sets with during each minute.  Pull-ups can be scaled to jumping pull-ups, banded pull-ups or ring rows.  Choose a scaling option that challenges you.  Your score will be your total number of repetitions in all 5 rounds.  There is no rest between stations so do your best to transition quickly between movements.  If classes are large, barbells and pull-up bars can be shared with one group starting one minute behind the other so that everyone starts on thrusters and ends on pull-ups.

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