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July 27, 2016


10×1 Rope Climb

Pack your long socks or knee sleeves today to protect your ankles and shins! Spend today’s skill practice working on learning to climb the rope! We did not have the opportunity utilize our ropes in the old gym  due to space issues but now we have several that we can use!  A good way to establish that you have the baseline strength to attempt a climb is by performing a bodyweight hang test with your legs off of the rope while you are just above the ground.  If you are not quite ready perform rope pull-ups and practice jumping to the rope and locking in those feet. There are several methods to wrap the feet and make the climb easier so find which works best for you! Watch the video to see one of our favorites!


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30 Power Cleans 205/145 lb

Workout notes: Our skill work was a gymnastics movement and your workout is entirely weightlifting!  The “Rx” weight for this workout on the heavier end. We’re specifically asking for power cleans so we’re looking for a weight that is lower than your max effort squat clean which would normally be considered more difficult.  Keep the load in the 60% range but use this opportunity to attempt a heavier weight than you might normally choose if you feel that you are ready.

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