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July 3, 2020

Workout of the day

Every 90s for 12 rounds
20 double unders
1 squat clean & jerk

2 minutes rest
AMRAP in 5 Minutes

front rack walking lunge steps

Workout notes

Build up to a heavy clean and jerk today. You will have twelve chances today, add weight strategically! Create a pre-lift routine (stance, grip, shoulders back, gaze forward, etc.) and execute it before each lift. After twelve rounds, you will have two minutes to rest and load your barbell for front rack walking lunge steps. Then you will knock out as many lunges as possible in five minutes. Sustainable set sizes will be crucial to minimizing your rest here.


standard: single unders, 75/55 lb
rx: double unders, 95/65 lb
sport: drag rope, 115/85 lb
overachiever: drag rope, 155/105 lb

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