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July 30, 2020

Workout of the day

for time

Box jumps
Kettlebell sumo deadlift high pull

Workout notes

We have a for time workout today with box jumps and kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls on the menu. You’ll start with box jumps before moving on to your kettlebell. Using a kettlebell for this movement will most likely prove to be a bit easier than when we use a barbell. It is totally ok to have to break up the reps during the first couple of rounds. Focus on keeping your back flat with your chest up through each rep as you drive and pull that weight up to chest height. Do your best to keep your transitions quick between each movement especially as you get into the single digit rep rounds.


standard: 20/12 kg, step ups 24/20″
rx: 24/16 kg, 24/20″
sport: 32/24 kg, 24/20″
overachiever: 40/32 kg, 32/24″

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