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July 31, 2019


EMOM for 10 minutes

Hang power snatch from above the knees

Today’s skill work focuses on the difficult barbell snatch.   Start by deadlifting the bar to the hips and then descend into your start position for the hang snatch by working backwards through the second pull.  First, bend at the knees while keeping the chest upright and second, close the hips and lower the chest so that your shoulders are in front of the bar.  Aggressively open the hips and catch the bar in a partial squat before standing up.  Note that you can perform the setup quickly so long as you hit the right positions.    Use a weight that is a little heavier than what you might use in a metcon but remember that this is positional work so we’re not maxing out our lifts today!


“Strict Cindy”

AMRAP in 20 Minutes

5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Workout notes

Today’s workout is a classic CrossFit triplet with three fundamental bodyweight movements. In this version we’re going to perform strict pull-ups to increase the difficulty a bit.  Your push-ups should also be as strict as possible. Avoid bending or sagging at the hips.  The set size for each movement is small so the priority should be moving quickly from movement to movement and choosing a sustainable pace with the more difficult pull-ups and push-ups.  Scale the push-ups by working from the knees or using a box to elevate your hands.  Perform banded, jumping pull-ups or ring rows if you are still working on getting an unassisted pull-up.

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