July 5, 2017


1RM Clean and Jerk

Spend some time working up to a strong effort Clean & Jerk.  The squat clean & split jerk is usually the most effective method for moving big weights so unless you have a mobility issue you should be working on the mechanics of those movements. Everyone should start with a very light warmup and increase gradually.  New lifters should only increase weight when you are able to consistently repeat the same technique.


for time

Sumo deadlift high pull 115/85 lb
Lateral burpee over the bar

Workout notes: Yesterday’s workout was in a longer time domain and today we are looking at a workout in the sprint category. The sumo deadlift high pull should be light enough that you could complete each round in the lowest amount of sets possible. If you find yourself doing single repetitions early on you have gone too heavy.  Lateral burpees will be most difficult if you are jumping over the bar, commit to sticking to the jump if you can even when it gets difficult.  Scale the movement to stepping over the bar if you are at all worried about the safety of your reps.

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