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July 7, 2017


EMOM for 10 Minutes
2 Power Snatch

Perform two power snatches every minute for a total of 10 rounds. You can choose to link your reps together or perform two singles.  The weight you choose should be in the  moderate effort range.  An appropriate weight would likely be 65-70% or less for newer lifters. Consider starting with a weight you are very familiar with and increasing by small increments if  the lifts are going well.  Even though we are not squatting in this version of the snatch, make sure to drop underneath the bar slightly as you catch it with your hips behind you.  You should end this EMOM well above the weight you will use for today’s workout. If mobility is an issue for you, talk to your coach about practicing a split snatch!



For time
75 Snatch 75/55lb

Workout notes: This workout is a hero workout from The workout honors LAPD officer Randy Simmons who was killed in the line of duty.  Hero workouts are meant to be a challenge and this one certainly is!  A lot of folks  will be able to Rx this workout because the loading on the barbell is light but don’t be fooled! It’s difficult because of the high number of reps. You should be able to perform large sets with the weight that you choose, plan to open with at least a set of 10.  If you are doing singles at any point you have gone too heavy.  For those of you using 55lb or less consider using a training bar so that you are able to have larger plates on your bar.  The power snatch will be the most efficient lift but muscle snatch and split snatch are also options. There is no real pacing strategy for this workout so just go!


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