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June 04, 2016


AMRAP in 7 Minutes
12 Two-Arm Dumbbell Deadlift 45/30 lb
9 Two-Arm Dumbbell Hang Squat Clean 45/30 lb
6 Two-Arm Dumbbell Push Jerk 45/30 lb

Rest 2 minutes then

for time

Run 1 Mile

Workout notes: Today we have two workouts that will be performed back to back. The first workout is  an AMRAP scored by your total rounds and repetitions completed in the 7 minutes allotted.  This amrap is similar to the classic hero workout DT but in this case we are using dumbbells and performing squat cleans. For most athletes will need to scale the dumbbell based on the weight of the hang squat clean and possibly the jerks.  Allow yourself 2 minutes rest and then run 1 mile for time. In the end you will have two scores for todays workouts.  We will perform this workout in heats if need be.

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